Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 8

I love church.

I got us all there, very late. The boys had a great time in class, and Baby Bear and I watched the rest of the sermon in the nursing room. Well, I watched. She ate dinner.

As usual, it was a great sermon. God's really teaching me a lot about what difficult times are for, and giving me perspective on just how small I am. And as backwards as it seems, my insignificance is so encouraging. I feel like He's preparing me for some tough times, which I'm okay with. Right now.

Oh, Popo broke my heart this morning. When I went into their room to wake them so we could get on the road to Grammy's house, before I even thought he'd really woken up, he shot up and asked me: "Go get Daddy?" As I was reminding him that we won't see him for a long time, and encouraging him that maybe we'll see him on the computer tomorrow, my helpful, explaining Bubby reminded him: "Daddy far far away, right, Popo?" in this sweet patronizing tone. I'm so thankful there's two of them.

I'm so thankful the work week is over. And I can't wait for the holiday festivities to begin. July 4th is one of my favorites. I'm gonna take the kids to a baseball game Friday night (hopefully with my parents), with fireworks being shown after. On Saturday night, we are going to view the downtown show from the 15th floor of my mom's work building, right by the river. It's gonna be great to have a neat view like that, and be indoors.

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