Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 12

Happy birthday sweet girl! Not this sweet girl - today was Mady's first birthday party, and I was going to make this post about that, but I don't have the pictures from it yet, so I'm going to take this opportunity to catch up on sharing twin cuteness.

This is them as I started to write this post, so sleepy from two days of no naps, watching Wipeout.

When we pulled up to the house last night, Popo was sleeping. He woke up just enough to realize he had a cracker left on his lap. So, totally asleep, he munched it up. Here's the video, almost impossible to see: - dangit! It's totally impossible to see, so nevermind. Sheesh.

Oh, they had a cute conversation in the van today on the way to church. Of course, it's not going to be as cute without their voices. We were discussing various things about streetlights being different colors (they like to discuss with me what color they are and how we're going to stop and go and whatnot):

Popo: "They're green and orange."
Bubby: "Popo say they're green and orange." "Mommy, Popo say they're green and orange." "Popo, you say they're green and orange?"
Popo: "Green and orange, yes I say they're green and orange." "Mommy, I say they're green and orange."
Bubby: "Mommy, Popo say they're green and orange."

Got it.

When I just asked them what they wanted me to write to Daddy on the computer, this was the result:

Bubby: Went to church today, Daddy. Ummm....
Popo: Say... umm............ Daddy paint... Popo, Bubby, and Mommy (actual names were used)

I think he thought I was asking him what he wanted me to draw for him. Not sure.

Oh yeah, less on the cute side... All they've agreed to eat today was cereal, apple, half a piece of bread, birthday cake, ice cream, and goldfish.

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  1. And what sweet boys they are even with no nap. And baby bear is so delicious in that pretty red dress, you wanted to eat her up.