Monday, July 27, 2009

Short and Sweet

(Three boys with threes - not thirty three, but super cute!)
(Super cute 34 - I lost a day last week when I was without internet, miscounted days)

Stayed home from work, eventually took the kids to Grammy's, took an extremely overdue shower (had been wearing the same shirt for two days), took a nap, stopped at Target, picked up the kids, had dinner, got everyone to bed (WOOHOO!), blogged...

And throughout, prayed for Stellan and his family.  He has been in the hospital because of his heart condition since Friday and things have been getting worse for him medically.  His sweet family is hanging in there watching him wane.  God has been preparing them, making them strong and full of faith, but that doesn't take the pain away from watching your child suffer.  He will be heading to Boston for an emergency, dangerous surgery as soon as they can get him up in the air.

Beyond praying for the family's patience, peace, and rest, I've really been focusing on praising God.  There is a much larger, more important battle going on here than the one in Stellan's little body.  I see angels and demons fighting it out.  Despite Satan's best effort, God will gain great glory from this situation, no matter the earthly outcome.  He is great and worthy to be praised.  He is all there is.  He is all there is.  He is the only thing that's real and the only thing that matters.  This is all by Him, of Him, for Him.  Thank you God, for using each of us in your plans, big, small, easy, breathtakingly painful, whatever.

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