Friday, March 21, 2008

Let's get going! - The lame girl said to all the people not listening...

This is my new blog. What's it for? Good question.

I've never seen a point to most blogs, except getting a peek into what people are doing, which I rarely have time for. So in my mind, they've been kinda wasteful. No offense to all my loved ones that have them - it just wasn't for me.

But as I'm learning more about how successful craft/handmade sellers are successful, I'm finding that a blog is a necessity. I know I'm not ready to really get going on my web store, in fact I'm still not decided on which craft to stick with for the site. But I figure I can go ahead and setup the blog, so I'm at least a little committed, and I can use it to keep notes on my thoughts and plans.

I probably won't even tell my friends and family about the blog yet, so my stupidity on here should be safe for now. If any random peeps come across this, drop me a NICE comment with thoughts on what types of handmade stuff you wish you could find online.