Monday, July 13, 2009


Yes, clearly I'm desperate for pictures. Hey, he's your idol, right? And he told me he was more than happy to send you a long-distance shout-out. He really admires what you're doing for your family. In fact, he's quite jealous. He even made a pass at me and tried to run off with our awesome kids. But I karate-chopped him, he cried, there was a whole thing...

Weird, I can't think of anything to post about. I have to post something though, or else someone gets worried. :)

Mom's coming over tomorrow to help me clean up. It'll be so great to have my housework finally caught up! I despise that it takes someone helping me, but I can almost forgive myself since I'm all alone with the angels.

I'm feeling the superwoman "I can do a million things in 24 hours" thing coming on. My energy and motivation ride a sinusoidal wave, with pretty regular ups and downs. If I had the time and attention span, I should keep track of it - I bet it'd be shocking how regular it is. And I know what you're thinking... No, it's not on the schedule you're assuming it's on!

***Oh my goodness, I'm so tired of going upstairs to tell them to quiet down and go to sleep! I start to get panicky when they won't calm down by 10pm...***

I'm just starting to pray about some changes... No, I'm not going to tell you, it's a secret. No reason to get anyone worked up if nothing actually changes. Nobody panic, it's nothing shocking. You know me, I just have to announce these things to make them real to myself. Or just to talk more about myself, whatever.

I can't get anything out of Cake Boss. I find it boring. I think the Little Couple are cool though, funny peeps. Goodnight, I'm getting loopy.

Handsome boys. Looking a lot like Daddy.

And here's this one again, just because it's just about my favorite picture ever...

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