Wednesday, July 15, 2009


You can tell he really misses you...

Is that how you'd spell the plural of Picasso?

They just love their bathtub crayons!  Mom, did you get them these, or did we?  They've used them a couple of times now, including in the shower.  Tonight they really went all out.

Bubby's "C"s

Popo's "L" collection


Yes, it was fun to clean up!

Oh, and take a look at this doozy:
Yeah, I tried to remove the top half of my thumb with this one this morning.  Yes, of course I'm exhaggerating, that's what I do.  But it was scary.  I had to talk myself down from a freakout.  Out loud.  If I didn't, I think I would have been ill.  For reals, y'all.  It's healing up some already though, four band-aids later.  At least I found out our Neosporin is three years expired!


  1. Who is that guy who misses me so much? I don't remember crayons, that looks fun!

  2. No bath tub crayons from me but it sure looks fun. Hope that it is easy to clean off. If not I have some VERY wonderful cleaner to clean the shower walls.

  3. Laura Anne loved her bath crayons too. I blogged about a while ago. (Caleb wasn't born yet) Anywho, they are a pretty spiffy thing.

  4. Is this how you leave a comment?

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    not even joking...

    good thing it saves our comment every time you fail to log in.