Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fun Weekend

(That's a 19 on the right.  Hey, it's hard to pull these things off with little babes!)

We've had a great weekend.

Saturday the boys had a great half-day at Nana's house.  Then for dinner, we met Grammy and Pops at the beach.  I wasn't really expecting anyone to get wet, but Bubby went all out.  I should have known.  Popo entertained himself with sand work.  Baby Bear was a very good girl.

It was pretty difficult after that, though.  She cried half the way home, then cried while I got the boys into their bath.  She was starving.  I tried to feed her while they played in the bath, but she was too distracted by the splashing.  So she cried more while I tried to hurry them through their bath, which I'd accidentally made really cold.  Eventually everything worked out, but it was a challenge!

Today, we made it to church and the boys had a great time.  Baby Bear got bumped to an overflow room again, but this time I think she was well taken care of because of it.  She got some extra attention.  I left the service a little early to feed her, but she was sound asleep when I got there.  So I decided to get the boys, then go back for her, and just pack up and go early.  Of course, when I got there, she'd awoken and was pretty upset for her lunch.  So we all went to the nursing room together.  The other mommies were patient, and the boys were actually really good.  Their sweet Sunday School teacher had given them goodie bags, so they explored those.

Then we had breakfast for lunch - very yummy!  Then a miracle of miracles happened!  We ALL napped!  And I don't mean I got to close my eyes for 10 minutes until the baby decided it was too quiet in the house.  I mean for two hours!  It was glorious.

Then we went grocery shopping, with no near-crashes with the giant kid's shopping cart, and had a fun dinner.  A lovely time overall.

My kids were so well behaved this weekend.  I feel like we've come out of the behavior funk we've been in lately, and I'm so grateful.  We will survive!


  1. I think the 19 looks great. And I'm so glad you got a nap!

  2. What up with Bubby and the water? They look like they had fun.