Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Fun Never Ends

Okay, so how cool is that picture? At the beach Tuesday, someone had built this neato seat (that's the back of it, where we carved 29), complete with ottoman. So we did a little photo shoot there.

That post title sounds sarcastic, but it's not. I feel like every day is just jammed with fun lately. God is so good. Even on the most stressful, exhausting days lately, I feel joy oozing out of my pores.


Okay so this post is going to have lots of rambling in it. Get over it.

So we went to Publix today for groceries because I felt like we were totally out of everything. Then, walking each aisle because I didn't even bother to make a list, I was that sure we needed everything, I realized I already had most of the stuff I buy. I'm still very confused about this.


I took us to a Publix slightly further from our usual one because it's really big and has insanely huge aisles. I'm so sick of squeezing the giant kid-cart through the tiny aisles at my older Publix and getting the evil eye from fellow shoppers, like I purposely had kids so I could drive them crazy at the grocery store. Well, we get there and there are no kid-carts left! So I had to let my hyper 3-year-olds roam the aisles with me. Not stressful at all. Oh, and that store is much more expensive than my usual one. I'm not imagining it. No, I'm not!

They actually behaved pretty well, but I'm working on such a thin thread of patience. We all dealt with each other as well as we could. Dang, I love them. It really feels like we're a team here, getting through the rough stuff together.

Except Baby Bear. She doesn't quite get the teamwork thing. I put her down for her nap this morning, obviously because she was tired. She was quiet for a short time, then fussed some, then belted out bloody murder for 30 minutes. I finally went in there to help her, and twice she woke up screaming as I tried to lay her down. I had a very tense conversation with God. He didn't respond much because I was being irrational. I gave up and she came and helped me on the computer. She didn't fall asleep until much later in the grocery store. I had her wrapped on me, facing me, and I had to pull the cover completely over her head to get her to shut her eyes. She's so dang nosey! And stubborn.

Oh my goodness! I got my BabyLegs today! I got these, these, and these for Baby Bear. I got these for Mady. They'll really come in handy for her because her knees have been getting pretty roughed up from crawling like a maniac. They are so freaking cute and delicious and yummy. (The leggings, not the red knees.) The only things I've noticed so far that weren't perfection are: 1) the colors on some of them aren't as vibrant as online, and 2) the organic pair (Tides), though they are super soft, are way too tight in the elastic, even on the baby.

Baby Bear's second-bestest friend (after me, of course):

They were really tickled by each other tonight. As is to be expected with little ones, the best action took place immediately before and after the camera was on.

I bought pizza dough at the grocery store today and went to Mom's to fry it and eat it up with marinara sauce and parmesan cheese. PERFECTION!

Okay, okay. I guess that's enough for now. Oh, yesterday was my sister's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. It won't let me watch the video! It says it's private and that I need your permission. The baby legs are pretty cute.