Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The dark ages

No pics again tonight.  Still working from the ghetto old laptop.  Gonna research a new power supply for the computer tomorrow.

Good day today, went to work.  I feel basically all better, and the boys seem almost normal.  Baby Bear was stuffy yesterday and a little this morning, but basically seems okay now.  She went to bed a little early, yay!

The boys got to play with cousins Storm and Freedom today at Grammy's, and it sounds like they all had a blast.  They are actually the sons of Brandon's cousin, and I'm sick of trying to figure out what that makes them to my kids.  Auntie Donna and the boys were visiting at Grammy's and it was nice to see them for a minute when I dropped the kids off.

Brandon got paid today!  I tell you what, that is gonna help us get through these last two weeks of his trip.  God is good.

Making lots of fun plans for our St. Augustine vacation, which begins the very day after he returns!  We are gonna wear him out, but he's super excited too.

Stellan's doing better, his situation is less immediately urgent.  They are still making the plans to get him to Boston for his surgery.  He's an amazing boy!

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