Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 7 - Nice and Chilly

Yes, the A/C is fixed! He came promptly at 10 am, and was very nice. It was the ideal kind of problem: just enough so you don't feel like you should have been able to fix it yourself, but not so big you totally couldn't afford it.

I'm getting kinda sick of tantrums, can you believe it? Basically whenever they awake, be it morning or naptime, someone or sometwos have to squeal for a while. And Bubby's just been a bear at bedtime. I don't think I handled it well tonight.

Sometime I'll post an example conversation with a psychotic 3-year-old. Not that most haven't heard one before...

But most of our day was great. We all had energy and made each other laugh and cuddled for the first half of the day. I am blessed with really sweet funny kids.

Once again, I'm too tired to remember what else I wanted to write about. I'm not sure that's gonna change since I can't get on here to review our day until it's over and done, which is never early!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 6

Okay, our A/C unit seems to be kaput. We spent the night with no A/C, it worked during the day (while we were gone), and now it's dead again. It's 10:30 pm, and it's 83 degrees in my house. In the cool part. The repair man is coming sometime tomorrow.

And the bug guy is coming Thursday. My pillow was attacked last night (before I got into bed, thankfully) by a huge pincher beetle that had used his time machine to travel here from the dinosaur ages. That's the only thing that explains its size and appearance, as well as how the heck a two-inch monster got into my closed-up house. I couldn't kill it with a shoe! It got flushed down the toilet.

I got my new glasses today! I think I like them and I think they'll be more durable for a momma. The boys say they like them, but they are well trained mini-men that know when they are supposed to say something's pretty. Here's a tiny picture with the webcam. I don't have the energy to get the camera and load the picture up.

She sure knows how to work it for the camera. Any size/shape camera, and she knows how to bust out the smiles. As soon as I turned this on, she was gazing at herself on the screen in awe. Me too. At her, not myself. :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 5

The boys are starting to show signs of concern over this situation with Daddy being gone with no signs of return. I know this is just the beginning.

We had a great day today, with church going well, fun breakfast-lunch, decent naps for all the kids while I got a lot done, and then crazy grocery shopping. We got to see and talk to Daddy a couple times on the computer, that was way cool.

I'm exhausted so I'm making this short, I just wanted to post this update for Daddy. We love and miss you so very much.

Aunt Nene's twin boys and girl, with our twin boys and girl, too cute!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 3/4 for Daddy

Hi Daddy! We had a really great day today at Nana's house. You would have loved it. Aunt Nene, Uncle Joe, Dennis, Douglas, and Katelyn all visited for the day.
We had a good breakfast and lunch, and ate most of it up.

Then we begged for our nap. Everyone thought it was so cute that we were tired enough to ask for it, but eventually they realized we were asking for our nap so we could then go in the pool. They told us after our nap that's what we'd do! So after a few minutes in bed, we came running out of the room together, joyously proclaiming that we'd woken up and nap was all done. Mommy had a hard time convincing us we needed more rest, but we obeyed eventually.
Then we woke up and went in the pool for a little bit. It was lots of fun. Then we ran around and played in the house all afternoon and evening with lots of cousins. Nana gave us a bath, and since there were no clean pjs there, we wore some awesome Sears robot shirts that are made for even bigger boys than us! We are in bed now, loving these shirts to death. We can't wait for church tomorrow.

We love you and miss you very very much! Oh, Baby Bear's been really cute lately too.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

So Far Away

We are short one member of the family for a little while. Daddy flew away overseas for 7 whole weeks this Tuesday! We are anxious to see how God gets us through it, but confident that He will. His faithfulness is just too consistent!

This is my family together for the last time for a while, when we dropped him off at the airport. It was hard because the boys were eyeing me to gauge my emotion, so I had to grin and bear it for them.

My wonderful husband and our wonderful families threw me an early surprise 30th (eek!) birthday party this weekend, since he won't be here for the big day (sigh). It was lots of fun, except I was falling over exhausted. It was so sweet of all the dads there to share their big day with me.

My kids continue to be the most shocking and amazing ever. Today was a little rough. We all had cabin fever and the boys fought alot. So they yelled at each other, then I yelled at both of them, then we started all over again. Just when we got ready to go play in the sprinkler, it started pouring! Tomorrow we're gonna make sure we get out and about. It's just so hard when it's so dang hot.

Some pictures from recent weeks:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So Far Behind

I feel like a lot has happened since my last post that I'd never remember it all to note here. But I also feel like I'm missing something if I don't. Sheesh, the pressure. I guess I'll just ramble for a bit...

Today was interesting. The kids and I had nothing specific to do today, so Bubby came up with something for us to do: go to the doctor's office! The very first time ever I left Baby Bear laying on the floor and walked away - to help Popo wash his hands - she was tripped on by her brother.

It was the scariest thing ever. She just started screaming, and I ran in to see her curled up on her side and beet red. I not-so-politely asked Bubby what happened and he indicated that he'd stepped on the top of her head. I was freaking holding her and crying. Once I could see through the tears (mine), I could tell the right side of her face was pink and puffy. I couldn't tell if her eyes were dilating consistently, so I called the doctor's office and the nurse suggested I bring her in, just in case.

She checked out okay, as long as I observed her throughout the day. I think she was a little off today, but nothing scary. She just ate, slept, and needed cuddling more than usual. Bubby still insists he stepped on the top of her head, it's cute.

We had just been at the doctor's office yesterday for her four month well visit, believe it or not. She also checked out fine then too. She's 25 inches long and 13lbs 2oz.

Umm... Oh, the kids and I went for a big beach day with Nana, Aunt Nicole, cousin Mady, and Miss Debbie last Friday. It was great fun, and I'll post pictures when I get them from my mom. We got a lot of great shots. I slathered the boys with sunscreen, but apparently missed a couple awkward spots, so they look like I randomly burn parts of their bodies with an iron or something. I feel horrible about it. I didn't put anything on my skin, so now I'm leather-skin-lady. And the baby got just a touch of pink on the right side of her body, even though we thought we kept her covered up. Again, I felt like the worst mom...

The boys are doing pretty well with potty training. We spend most of our time at home in big-boy undies or naked waist-down. Out and about we're doing pullups, and for bed we do regular diapies. Most all the time, they do peepees in the potty. Lately we've been having some accidents, mostly from laziness and having too much fun doing what they're doing. They sometimes wait until a diaper of some sort is on them to go poopies, but we're making progress. Bubby's doing really well with both, and Popo's coming along.

Okay, I could go on forever. I'll take a break.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Our camera is off at Best Buy's super-secret repair shop again for random black screens and stuff. It's been gone for almost a week now, and it hurts! Last time this happened we got a disposable camera to get by. We still haven't developed that roll, so we didn't bother buying one this time. I wish Best Buy would hurry up and just replace our camera (warranty) so we wouldn't have to deal with this anymore. I have become so dependent on taking dozens of pictures every day.

I took the kids to the park for lunch and playtime yesterday. It was wonderful! They obeyed me, tried new things, and played with some new people. Baby Bear slept the whole time, so that helped a lot. It was interesting though... While I was desperately wishing I could document it with photos, it was kinda nice not to have the pressure of catching everything. I could just run around and enjoy them. Blessing in disguise again.

I miss my family. They've been taking turns being sick for weeks and right now my mom's still really bad. They miss the kids and my kids miss them. We'll have to have a big party when it's all overwith.

Some pictures from our trip to the beach last weekend. The camera broke during it, so there aren't that many. The boys had a great time playing with the sand - there was plenty to share! The baby slept through a lot of that trip too. When she was awake, she wouldn't open her eyes because it was too bright. It was too cute.