Friday, July 10, 2009


I totally forgot to post this picture of the sweet doggie last night. My neighbor is having him boarded until she comes back from vacation next week. She's going to attempt to find the owner, but she's all set to keep him.

Here are the beautiful roses my wonderful husband had sent to me at work for my birthday. Aren't they gorgeous? Thank you, baby! I'm posting several versions of one shot to see how they turned out and get your opinions. I did different neato effects to them in Picasa.

We had a fun day. Nana came over and we went out to lunch and then to Target. The boys missed their nap again. I feel neglectful. Mom took the boys to sleep at her house tonight.

Good thing she did too. I thought I was going to use that time to catch up on housework and go grocery shoppng. PSSHHHHHHH! Baby Bear had other plans! She cried, screamed, or ate for almost three hours. Tylenol and a bath didn't help. She finally fell asleep, for a short time. I'm feeding her again now.

I'm theorizing that it's caffeine. I had cut it out of my diet because I was pretty sure she was having withdrawal issues on the days I wasn't having it, but treated myself to Dr. Pepper. That's the only thing that was different lately, and she wasn't showing signs of teething. So I guess caffeine is out for good. Sigh.

She was super-mohawk-adorable after her bath though...


  1. Wow, her eyes are so big and blue! As for the rose pictures, I'd probably pick the top right one.

  2. Sorry Anna did not cooperate with your plans last night but we had fun with Isaac and Peter at our house. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  3. I was checking for the new blog (not there) and reread this one and it hit me who was holding the day/number sign. Very cute and special!!!