Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Awesomeness. That's how I describe Skype. It's the saving grace for our family while Daddy's away. On my days home, we get to do video calls to him almost each day.

We got to talk to him for a long time this morning.  He got to watch the wall while each boy took turns going to the potty.  The baby really enjoys seeing him and smiling for the camera.

He says he's working his butt off.  His words.  He's the sheetmetal guy on a big project they've started, so he's got a lot to do.  When he's not running from camel spiders.  He's so funny.  Love you honey bunch!

Baby Bear is officially rolling from back to tummy, mostly in bed.  When I finished last night's post, she was fussing a little in bed.  I didn't go up for a while, and she was back asleep, sweetly on her tummy.  I don't know why it's so cute to me, I guess just because it's new.

We went to lunch at McDonald's and then did some shopping at Walmart.  Our new Walmart has HUGE aisles, so the boys really go crazy running around.  They got some good energy out.

After their nap, my mom came over from work to play with the kids.  I got to catch up a bit in the kitchen and make dinner, and generally feel stress-free.  It was wonderful, and made for a really nice evening.  She couldn't resist helping me in the kitchen after dinner, and I'm not complaining.  Thank you Mommy!

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  1. Nice to hear you had a nice stress-free night. And those camel spiders are really big!