Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 13

Today was weird.  I was pretty spastic, whether in a good mood or just fidgety.  I'm pretty sure I drove my friends nuts at work, and that's even though I didn't say half the things I thought of to say.  They are very patient with me.  It's probably because I'm only there two days a week.

The kids had a good day at Grammy's, then we went to Zaxby's for Kids Nite (cheap dinner for them), and we got a free Redbox rental.  We watched Bolt (so-so for me, but they were glued), then they went to bed pretty well.  And the baby just let me lay her down fairly awake, with no peeps from her yet!

Here's a picture of my sweet innocent boys, just before one of them committed his first deliberate act of murder.  I took several shots of them watching this worm in Grammy's backyard the other day.  They were so cute talking about it and asking me questions about it, even discussing amongst themselves.  I imagined how I'd write how cute they were, and curious about God's creatures.  Then, well let's just say I had to use some pool water to remove the evidence on Steven's cool yellow car.

Peace, I'm outtie.  Oh poop, she's fussing for me.

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