Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 9

We had a pretty good day today. We hung out at home, talked to Daddy for a long time on Skype, visited with the bug guy when he came (yay!), played a bunch, eventually napped, went to the library, had a yummy sneaky dinner, then read a lot together.

I love my sweet boys. And my sweet girl was pretty extra sweet today too.

I tried to use sweet potato puree as "dippy dip" for their fish sticks for lunch. Surprise, surprise, it didn't work. Popo tried it a little, but Bubby didn't go near it.

Our dinner was cut-up hot dogs in homemade "healthy" macncheese with cauliflower mixed in it. It was super yummy, as Popo can also attest to. Bubby, however, only took his mandatory little bites and decided that was enough of that. So frustrating! I will definitely be making that one often though.

They were such good boys at the library. They've discovered the puzzle stash they get to play with while they're there, and they're doing a good job obeying about putting each one back when they're done with it. They each chose a Thomas the Train book to take home, I picked a couple more for them, and two for myself on potty training.

I'm at my wits' end on that topic. They know how to do it, basically completely by themselves. They do a great job when left naked. As soon as you put anything on their bottoms, it's all ignored. And I'm feeling a general boredom from them on the project altogether. So I'm turning to the "experts" for some confidence and ideas. So far, I'm getting a little of each.

Tomorrow we're going to go to Target for some stuff. We were supposed to do that after the library, but I was wise and chose not to cut our timing too short and got us home for a decently-timed dinner for all of us.

I love watching my priorities change, on both a minor and major scale. I'm learning how to organize my time and efforts throughout the day to get things done and stay mostly sane. But I'm also feeling my general heart's desires shift. It's very exciting to sit and just watch God do that in me. I'm so quick to jump into a passion for some new thing, only to have it fizzle out eventually. This is different, it's not even a specific desire or plan forming in me, just a general shifting. And it's all His doing. I just feel like letting out a huge, peaceful sigh...

Okay, off to bed to rest up for our super-exciting, late-night weekend ahead! I'm so excited!

Which one of these two looks better - neither one is unaltered...
Popo relaxing while reading and watching tv

Bubby's photo of Baby Bear

Popo's photo of Bubby

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