Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Woohoo, most comments ever!

I'm really proud of you guys... *sniff*

We are back on the up part of my tumultuous mood cycle. I'm all warm and fuzzy about my kids and our day. The main reason is because my little Baby Bear is a cute little cuddly bear again, no longer the rabid raging bear of the last few days. She was so super sweet and giggly and cuddly today! She kept crawling over to me and climbing up me, often stopping to giggle and smoosh her face into me. She got such a kick out of herself. When she was in my arms, she wiggled and curled up into me in the sweetest way possible. She also played all alone for good bits of the day again. It was baby heaven.

I could tell her brothers were happy to have her back too. They enjoyed her giggles and activity.

She did have a lot of potty problems today. Since I gave her medicine the other day, she could no longer hold it in, so we had some drama whenever she had to give in and deal with it (I cry for her at these times, it's pretty intense). I'm still working on how to keep that from happening. Poor baby.

The boys and I had a blast as usual. I wasn't necessarily going to do much teaching or work today, but they begged for it! We did tracing practice, cutting practice, sticker practice, coloring practice, reading tons of stories, puzzles and fun games. Now, when I specify say, coloring practice, I'm not calling anything they color "practice". I'm referring to their Kumon practice books, which are super-keen. They really take them slowly through a skill, getting a little more complicated as they go.

Oh, we also decorated everyone's pumpkins with cute pictures this morning.

We went for a nice walk tonight after some yummy leftover Filipino food. The boys took turns pushing Baby Bear in her stroller (her first time in the umbrella stroller - she loved it) and we played at the playground for a few minutes. Popo was totally brave and got up the ladder and down the slide several times. He had a blast! I know that sounds pretty silly for a three-year-old, but he's a scaredy-cat. He rarely gets all the way up the ladder without freaking out, and almost never goes down the slide, instead making me carry him down the ladder. And he really, truly enjoyed flying down the slide. There was no death-freeze look on his face. I was so proud. As always, Bubby was a crazy man.

One proud Popo, at the top of the slide

Quote of the day: "Mommy, my poopies are mad at your peepees. They are going to catch them!" I'm curious to see if anyone can correctly guess which adorable goober this was. Hint: it wasn't Baby Bear.


  1. ...Wow, that was one of the strangest quotes ever. And I guess Popo. And her face is really changing.

  2. Proud commenter over here. :D

    I LOVE the picture of all 3 of your babies. Adorable!!!

    I love Kumon books. I must get some. Because I haven't yet. But I love them from when I worked at B&N and would steal glances through them.

  3. Sweet, sweet babies. Glad Popo is getting braver.

  4. Oh, I just melt all over the place looking at those sweet pictures!! Especially the boys pushing Baby Bear in the stroller. Sweet, sweet, sweet!!

  5. I am a dude so I am not melting over any pics, but I do think the kids are...

    oh so cutey cute cute. Who's a cutey little baby? Yes you are. Yes you are...


    The kids were fun today. WE definitely need a play date with Eddie Boy and your boys.

  6. Oh yeah,

    I need an explanation of that qoute.