Saturday, October 17, 2009

Something's in the air...

Sweet brothers reading together two days ago

What a lovely day! (Yes, I know I use "lovely" way too much, but it's just what I feel!) We woke to temps in the low 50s, and it took it's sweet time warming up. Very autumnal for us. And a great change from the high 80s and low 90s we've been groaning through these last couple of weeks in October. This slightly cooler weather puts me in the mood for a road trip to see family. Anyone's family, really. :)

Nana had the boys last night, so we met up at a ginormous craft show midday. Grammy and Aunt Brianna were there, peddling their super adorable clothing and paper craft wares. We were there for quite a while, partly because our hot dog lunch took something like an hour to accomplish. The boys had to go potty during it, including Bubby's midday poopie, which took like twenty minutes to... um... accomplish. Then Bubby displayed his record-setting skills at eating like a sloth. Even though I was watching him and he had food in his mouth the whole time, it still took him an insanely long time to eat a stinking hot dog.

They were good boys though, and Baby Bear was a sweetums, even though she seems to have a cold.

She had a lot of trouble nursing today, and had a snotty face all the day long. She actually pulled off her first booger bubble today, one for the baby book!

I made some super scrumptious white chocolate cookies this morning, and was able to share some of them. They are so yummy! The boys ate them up too, after dinner, without inspecting them to discover nuts in them. I think I'll go enjoy some now...

But first, some pictures from our playground time yesterday. Popo continues to be courageous as can be. Baby Bear wasn't feeling well at first, but then perked up. Oh, this was their first time on the big swing all by themselves. You can imagine/interpret which one of the three loved his swing time, and which other two weren't as psyched. Actually, these pictures are a little deceiving. Bubby loved the big swing and Popo wasn't as sure, though he clearly wanted to love it. He tried multiple times to love it, but just couldn't fake it.


  1. Ha! I had to look at the picture twice before I noticed Baby Bear in the background of the pic with the boys reading their book. :D

    Thank you for visiting us at the craft show. That was one of the better parts of the day. :D And not just because of the yummy cookies!

  2. Yeah, Anna looks funny back there, almost upset that a picture was being taken without her. I keep saying it but I can't believe how much she's changing. And the boys look super tall.

  3. Ha! I forgot she was in that shot. And I'd planned to have her be spooky back there. Caught my own self off guard. I'm giggling now.

  4. I didn't notice her the first time in that pic, so I scrolled up and got scared.

    This could be a good halloween scary ghost baby pic.