Saturday, October 24, 2009

184 hours to go!

Our camera came back several days ago, but I can't figure out where the "safe place" is that I put the battery while it was gone, so I'm still working with the cell phone.  Here are some pics from the last few days.

Fuzzy, but you get the gist of her super-girlie-adorableness

Stud Popo

Our newly-rainbow-organized kids' bookshelves. This was fun to do.

Found when I was sweeping the leaves off our patio this week. (Snake skin, if you can't tell)

The first draft of our picture schedule system. Popo loves to move the notes when we are finished with something.

Bubby forcing nibbles of his tater tot down. I try to explain that they are just mushed-up french fries, but they don't buy it.

Action-man Popo

Bubby crushing acorns on our recent walk. We had a blast crushing them and learning about baby trees inside them and we "planted" several so they can grow into big trees.

The stash I got today at the Great Jacksonville Book Sale for $16. We went with my mom and it was so fun. I'm considering going tomorrow (even cheaper on the last day), but would love to go without the kids this time, so I can loiter.

Some of the books I got just because they were crazy humorous or nostalgic for me. This one is dated 1954. It's so cool to flip through it and see what the concerns and advice were back then. There's a whole chapter on whether comic books are okay for children and how to get them to read "real literature".

This one is a little notebook they explain as "a socialization skills primer for pre-schoolers". It's from 1977, and it's written by two hippy ladies. Really interesting.

And this is one I've heard of, and it seems to be well known. This is the first US edition from 1980. Too cute to pass up.

This one takes me back...

Eating mac n cheese (whole grain, with hidden sweet potato and broccoli in it, yay!) while watching some of the VeggieTales we got today.


  1. Wow, what bargains! Every woman loves a good sale. I am so proud of you Mrs. Brandon. Tell the boys Meme sends her love.

  2. Yeah, I bet that rainbow shelf will last that neat for a long time. Those are great pictures.

  3. Ooh, I love the rainbow shelf idea. We might have to steal that!

  4. Oh, no. I let you down and didn't comment. Waaaaa! I actually looked at this one the other day but ran out of time! I LOVE the pictures. I copied and sent some of Anna to my Dad because she's the only one he hasn't met yet. :(

  5. Man, Annie is so cute!

    Keep those books away from the kids. They are gonna end up like Brendan Frazier in that movie where he was stuck in a bomb shelter his whole life and grew up to be kind, gentle, confident, innocent, courteous, a good dancer, a good boxer...


    Can I borrow some of those books?