Thursday, October 8, 2009

Raging Bear

Oh. My. Goodness.

Baby Bear was a HIGH-NEEDS child today, to put it mildly.  Please God, please let it be teething.  She does seem to have some growing bumps in her gum, so I have some hope.  Teething can't last forever.  If that's not it, she must be having some excruciating internal pains, or she's just the clingiest, whiniest child I've ever met.  That's saying a lot, because I've met some brats.  Either way, it's just not good.

I know I'm sounding awfully selfish.  I do feel for her, and tried my best to help her out all day.  It's just that after an entire day of listening to an infant screaming every time you try to tend to the needs of your other two children, go to the bathroom, or fix yourself some food, you get a little weak.

To try to lighten the tension, and make up to the boys for my bad mood, I blew up the bouncy castle for the boys (while she took her nap).  It takes up most of our living/dining room, but it's so worth it.  The boys entertain themselves in and around it for hours and get out their energy.  Gonna have to crack it out more often in the winter this year.

I'm rethinking our preschool plans.  Not the if but the what and how.  Going to continue as we have been, but I think it's going to morph a little over time.  Not a surprise at all, except that it's happening so early.  I think we're going to move a little more in the direction of "unit study" (or "themes") and less in the "letter of the week" format.  If you care, you can search on those terms and find lots of info online.  I'm too tired.  :)

Today we worked on cutting and tracing.  Both were very frustrating for me, with no patience and all.  Those aren't their strong points, and it's so hard for me to explain when I'm like I was today.  I wasn't really planning on doing much school today, but they requested it!  And I did see a glimmer of progress in one of them, the one that was actually behind on these things, so it was a little encouraging.

I think the main thing they are enjoying and absorbing is the Bible story, Adam and Eve.  I wasn't sure it was really sinking in, but they related it back to me so well today.  And the Adam and Eve story books are what they keep asking to work on at the table.  I think tomorrow we'll do a math craft with apples on a tree.  So excited.  Hopefully I'll have a little more patience tomorrow.

Oh, and we started our character trait today!  I was being lazy and underestimating them all week, but figured "what the heck" and brought it up with a related craft.  This week it's Attentiveness.  It took some practice and patience with them goofing off with it, but they've got it!  I can't wait to keep practicing it.  That's the perfect one to start off with because, obviously, it's a foundational trait they need to learn to really get anywhere with their learning.

I have dozens of things swirling around my mind at all times that I need to get done.  Some are basic household duties, some are appointments to make, some are nice things I'd like to do or send to people, some are improvements I'd like to make in the house, and some are relaxing things I'd like to do for myself.  I am pretty overwhelmed, mostly with remembering any of it (including stopping to write it down - just not gonna happen at this point).  But a lot of the time, I have a peace about it.  I gave the list to God (the parts I could remember and the ones I couldn't), and asked Him to please help me remember what I need to when I need to.  I know some things will have to fall through the cracks, because I'm a silly little human lady, but I'm prepared for that, and sure that He's prioritizing for me, and delegating my resources for me.  Does that make any sense?



  1. At least she is cute when she is crying all the time. I mean, she could be a really ugly baby and then you would have this little ugly baby in your face all the time and cry when she is not in your face. I'm just saying...

    oh and the fruit on the tree was no an Apple. Just being nit-picky.

    Can't wait to hear how it goes when you teach them 2 Kings 2:24! Ha ha ha...

    for an explanation chech out this site.

    Thanks for posting!

  2. You are building character in you and the boys may not always see it but your efforts are not wasted.

  3. I love you silly little human lady. :)