Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bestest Evening

I just enjoyed the sweetest night in a long time.  Baby Bear is staying at Grammy's house (THANK YOU!!!!!!!!) so the boys and I could have some quality time together.

After we dropped her off, we headed to the pumpkin patch at a nearby church.  We drive by that church any time we drive to Grammy's, and almost every time we did since last October, they pointed it out and talked all about going to the pumpkin patch there last year with Grammy.  So they were beyond thrilled to finally go back today.  We had a lot of fun looking at all the different colored pumpkins, the crazy types of gourds they had, and the sad, sad Jaguar game that was playing on a computer there.  They picked out their own little pumpkins, and helped me find a tiny one for their sister.  Popo's is plump and bumpy, and Bubby's is just perfect.  Or it was until he snapped the stem off on the way home.

When we left there, I called for a pizza and we headed to Red Box.  We all got out and rooted for there to be an available copy of Monsters vs. Aliens, which there was!  We then picked up our pizza and headed home.

We all really relaxed while we watched the movie and ate yummy cheesy goodness.  They went to bed so well for me.  (Bubby kept showing signs of doing the toddler meltdown thing he's famous for, but kept himself in check.)

This evening was exactly what I needed, and it was wonderful to be able to just enjoy my boys, without the constant underlying stress of my baby's needs.  They so deserved some attention too.  They've been good sweet boys through all the drama.  I am so blessed.  My next goal is to spend some alone time with each boy sometime in the next week or two.  Brandon and I have only managed to split them up for special attention maybe twice ever.  They should get that more often.

Mom reminded me that I could use my USB charger cord to move my cell phone photos to my computer (duh!), so I managed that tonight.  Following are the shots from tonight - some of them are horribly fuzzy, but I wanted to show what they did there.  I'll post the other ones I've been taking lately tomorrow or sometime soon.

P.S. - Yesterday we had a fun day at Nana's house, celebrating her birthday!  We had homemade lumpia and pancit, and it was all delicious!  Happy Birthday Nana!

Wearing Daddy's silly t-shirts to bed


  1. A happy time was had by all!! :D Thank you for letting me take Baby Bear. She was so sweet. She gobbled up her dinner and went to sleep like an angel. I sewed the rest of the night. ;)

  2. I am so happy! All 3 of you deserved a night like that. I am jealous about Monsters vs. Aliens though.

  3. Awe, what a special time. I love the picture of the three of you, it is now my new office screen saver.

  4. This was an answer to prayer!

    Glad you had a great time.

    I really liked Monster vs Aliens. Wish I had 3d glasses.

    "Now I can finally get back to my life with Derek".

    "No, Bob. That is Susan."

    "Oh, well, now I can finally live happily ever after with Derek."

    "Still Susan Bob."

    Hehehe... good stuff.

    Oh, Man! Lumpia! Pansit! We have got to hang out more!

  5. I am so glad you got to have a wonderful evening with your boys!!