Tuesday, October 6, 2009

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I'm afraid this blog is going to be a lot less entertaining for a while.  I still haven't brought the camera in for repair, and it always takes them at least a week to do it.  And this time it's a lot more broken than usual.  I'm documenting everything with my cell phone camera, but this computer doesn't have a memory card reader, and I'm not gonna email myself all the dozens of pictures.  I'll try to go through some old pictures to share.

Today had its highs and lows.  This morning was very stressful.  Things eventually picked up, but the boys did stay in their pajama shirts all day long.  I am almost over it.  Even when we went out for a walk after dinner, they wore their Spongebob pj shirts with regular shorts.  I actually found it quite cute.

We got our box from Sonlight this morning, a day early, yay!  I am so psyched out about all the fresh books.  They smell amazing!  The boys harassed me all the day long to play with the two games.  We finally did and they got off my back.  It looks like I'm going to have to order a second Mighty Mind game.  We also read a couple of stories.  I took some neat pictures of the stack of books, but since I can't show you those, here's the one from their site.

We got to have our taco dinner early tonight, which always makes for a more peaceful evening.  I love cooking or at least prepping dinner while they're napping, feeding them when they wake up, and doing a snack later in the evening.

The boys have it in their heads (I have a feeling someone was being cute with them at a meal sometime) that when they eat food, it goes down into their tummy, then keeps going "down and down into my piddies (toes)".  I haven't felt the need to correct them on this little fact yet.  Lately they've also been adding "and then it comes out!"  And tonight I was discussing with Popo whether he'd finished his vitamin ("Spiderman candy"), and he did the whole shpiel (correct spelling, believe it or not, I checked), only this time he added "and then it will come out, and I'll eat it again!"  I happened to be brushing his teeth when he said this.  I love kids.  And I get to hang out with them all day!

Homeschooling sampler, what we worked on today:
We reviewed our letter of the week - Aa, and it's sound
We reviewed our theme words of the week - apple, ant, alligator, ambulance, astronaut
We colored some theme word pictures (yesterday we did a cute craft turning the letter A into alligators)
We sang our song of the week - Ants Go Marching
I read our poem of the week a couple of times (it's about apples)
I read the page from our 101 Bible Stories about Adam and Eve, and read through a couple of little folded books about Adam and Eve from online
We did some adding with our Goldfish crackers
We did matching with our Teddy Mix & Match game
We did some matching, finding, and building with our Mighty Minds game
We read some stories and discussed them

I think that's everything.  It's stretched out through the day, with a dedicated chunk right after breakfast.  Tomorrow we do more of the same, with science thrown in.  We'll learn about some A animals.

I am having so much fun with this.  It's definitely going to be a little overwhelming at times, even though it's "just preschool".  But that's why I want to get us started now.  I want us all to get used to some amount of structure now so it's not a shock when we get into actual grades.  Mostly me.  I know I would go into it with crazy expectations, whatever grade we started, and I want to get past that point and into the reasonable goals stage.  And the whole original reason we started this was because we were considering sending them to preschool this fall, but decided against sending them out of the home yet.  Though I didn't want them to miss out on the semi-structured learning through play that they'd get at preschool.  So here we are!

Here are a couple of pictures I did send myself...

Bubby with his alligator craft yesterday

Popo on our walk tonight


  1. Just to clear this up....Grammy is NOT the one who taught the boys their food goes down into their piddies and then comes out! Whew! I'm glad I got that straightened out!

    Don't stress over the preschool thing, Alana. Just have fun with it and they will, too. :D They are genius boys anyway. It's so much fun to see them learn and grow. :D

  2. The alligator craft was awesome. I was totally thinking something else but that was cool.

    Popo looks way too into that walk.

    Thanks for sharing about the homeschooling. I know the only reason you did was because I requested. It's nice to know I have some wieght around here.

    Also, if you hit up youtube you can find some really good bible stories with songs in them.

    I used them for the girls. I haven't been in a while but search up "ABS Bible" or in place of bible type in what story you want like "ABS Adam and Eve".

    I just searched for it on youtube. ABS stands for Animated Bible Stories. The channel or user that posts all the stories is 'AngelicFaith101'. You should definitely check it out.

    ALso, Alana, please pray for me and my family tomorrow. We have a funeral and I will be speaking. Pray I would be comforting, sensitive, and faithful. Thanks!

  3. Slik Rik--thanks for mentioning the Bible stuff on youtube! I'll use it for my kids. :)

    Haha. "Then I'll eat it again!" I'll be laughing at that for a while. :D

  4. I love the whole food going down to the toes thing because I used to think the same thing. Though I don't think I ever thought it would come out to be eaten again.