Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Sweetness!

Today is the 13th anniversary of the day my sweet man asked me to be his girlfriend. On the phone. It was so stinking cute.

B: "So, people have been asking me if we're going out."
A: "Oh, really?"
B: "Yeah."
A: "Hmm."
Blah, blah...
B: "So... Do you want... to be my girlfriend?"
A: "Okay."

Heehee, very romantic of both of us. Today has always been special to both of  us, even when we weren't dating for a couple of years. We both "observed" it to ourselves. I don't think either of us remembers the date of our first date, prior to this day, but this one has stuck with us.

Congratulations, baby! We've both come a long way from those silly little kids. I think. I know you are even more Godly, patient, giving, caring, funny, studly, and adorable a man!

(I owe so much more updating, but since I got less than four hours of sleep last night, chances aren't good I'm going to stay coherent long enough to get it up here today.)


  1. Happy Anniversary to you two cuties! I always had a feeling about you.... :)

  2. Happy Anniversary, how sweet to remember that. God knew even then you two were meant to be.

  3. No, I asked it you wanted to tell people that yes, we were dating. I didn't actually ask you to be my girlfriend. I wasn't that brave.

  4. Dude, me and Daizzee were the same lame way!!!

    We had been hanging out a lot during the first part of freshman year, so during gym we went to play tennis together and I scrambled over the question.

    "Umm, so we have been haning out a lot lately."
    "Well, you know I like you."
    "I like you, too."
    "Well, there is this question I have been wanting to ask you but I am afraid of what you might say."
    "Well, you probably know what it is..."
    "I'm too afraid to ask..."
    "Do you want to go out?"

    I was too lame enough to even ask. Don't tell anyone. I might lose my man-card. They have been trying to take it away for so long.