Thursday, October 29, 2009

Boo Bash!

Tuesday was the Halloween celebration at work, "Boo Bash". I did go to work that day, so I got to take part in the food, treats, costume-gawking, and fun! Most of the departments decorate and dress up to a theme and when the employees' kids come through the building in the afternoon for treats, they vote on the best room. I didn't get to help out this year, since I only come and go occasionally, but my department did awesome! It was a general fairytale theme, with castles, an enchanted forest, a magical talking mirror, a knight guarding a giant dragon, a king and queen, and a slide to ride down into a pool of packing peanuts! I'm sure that room won, because you couldn't tear the kids away from the slide the whole time.

My boys had a blast, of course. Baby Bear was a little overwhelmed I think, but came along for the ride. I'll be taking more pictures of them on Halloween, and hopefully those will come out better. (Still no sign of the camera battery around here.)

Today Aunt Jen and Joshua came over and played with us for a while. We spent a little time at the park. For some reason Popo got the most camera time today. The last one is of him hunched over on the swing. He wants to love it, but just can't help but panic.


  1. Darnit those kids are cute. I like the first two pirate pics, it's rare the boys take two pics with the same expression.

    Good job on the costumes!

  2. I love the pirate costumes!!! You did an amazing job! :-) I can't help but still laugh at Peter's balled up swinging style! In fact I'm laughing about it now. He is so brave and the longer he was swinging the lower he got before it was enough. :-) What a boy!

  3. Love the costumes too, great job.

  4. Love 'em all!! What cuties!!!

  5. Those stinkin blue eyed kids are so cute!

    Way too blue to be a pirate!

    I saw in one of the pics, one of the boys is really close to gettin the 'Live Longer and Prosper' thing going. You are very close to hitting a landmark in parenting. The my kid has become a nerd award is coming.

    My parents got that award a long time ago.

    Wish I could have stayed for the Boo-Bash, but eating and leaving was fine too!

    Can't wait to see you at work again!