Monday, August 3, 2009

We had a fun time tonight at Zaxby's - it was kid's night, so the boys ate cheap.  Then we picked up our free Red Box rental, and we're watching it now - The Tale of Despereaux.  The boys are enthralled so far.  Baby Bear is sitting up nicely on half of my lap, with the laptop on the other half.  I love a cheap, easy night with the babes.

Work was fun today.  I got a lot accomplished.  It's rare to feel that way with my job.  And I always enjoy my girls and homeboy.

Baby Bear is trying very hard to crawl.  She's going to beat out her brothers big time.  I think they were 8 months old.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the lightning yesterday.  While the baby sat on the counter in her bumbo chair and helped me chop, steam, and puree veggies in the kitchen, a storm dumped MORE rain on us (I didn't think there was any left up there, it's been raining every day for weeks and weeks).  The boys were watching Spongebob in the living room.  In a split second, there was a snap, fizz, pop, with a bright light flashing just on the other side of our patio fence, followed by booming thunder.  I jumped, dropped the knife (safely somehow), and looked at Baby Bear.  She looked around in 20 different directions in an instant, it was so funny.  She didn't cry though.  I hugged her quick and told her it was okay.  The boys were totally unphased - Spongebob is mesmerizing.  I checked outside and didn't see any fire or anything.  I had goosebumps/static shivers for several seconds, it was weird.  Anyway, the short version is that lightning struck just outside our back door and it was very exciting for us girls.

Sorry this has eroded into a bunch of choppy statements - everyone is in bed now and I'm so very tired.  After two productive days, my body is ready for a breather.  Off to dreamland!

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