Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sixteen Hours!

This is it, we're down to counting the hours!  The boys are pretty excited, but I don't think they quite get it.  I've been telling them today that he's coming home tomorrow, after Grammie's house, and they get excited, but not as excited as they would if they realized the real Daddy will actually be here, hugable and throw-you-up-in-the-air present.

Church was lovely.  All the kids behaved well.  Then lunch and naptime went well, I even got a little nap myself.  I also got a lot more done this afternoon.  The house looks pretty spiffy!  I have to some final toy shuffling, now that everyone's out of the way - oh wait, a boy and a girl are both crying in bed...

That brings me to my wrap-up of the day.  Tonight has been maddening.  Popo peed on my living room twice.  I let them have their Tootsie pops from their Sunday School birthday bags this afternoon.  Will not happen again anytime soon.  They have some sugar once in a while, but this was apparently hardcore overdosage.  They were bouncing off the walls like I've never seen before.  Maybe it also had something to do with someone's accidents?  Here's hoping.  And Baby Bear has been getting increasingly fussy in the evenings this week.  Daddy's coming home just in time.  It's near darn impossible to get them ready for bed with her needing my full attention from 7 pm to 9:30.  Goodness, I'm tired.

One of the main little things I'm looking forward to having him help with is tooth brushing.  I never did care for it much, and I'm so very sick of it now.

Okay, I'm off to stay up way too late doing every little thing that pops in my head to prepare for tomorrow.  God is so good to me!  All the time!

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