Friday, August 21, 2009

Not. A. Single. One.

We had such a great day today. I can't gush about it enough.

This morning, after having a fun goofy time at home, I took the kids to the library for a little bit. It was nirvana. They were so well behaved and sweet. They were quiet, put their puzzles and books away, and shared. I just wanted to crush them with gratitude and pride. It was pretty different from the last time I took them...

Then we went to Firehouse Subs for lunch. Yes, again. That's the only place they'll eat up their whole lunch and it's not fried! They were a little crazy when we first got there, hurling their chips bag (and mine) on the floor until they were sacks of crumbs, but as soon as we sat down, they were angels again. Baby Bear fussed a little with the sleepies, but playing with her kept it manageable.

After some good nap time on their parts, we watched and listened to the awesome thunderstorm that hit just as they woke up. Then we all had super yummy pbj sandwiches for dinner and headed out to the mall. We'd planned on going to the baseball game and were all disappointed when the rain cancelled that idea. So we decided we'd go 'trol the mall.

That turned out to be the cheapest, most fun time for us all. We were in just the right mood for it. We rode the cool elevator, played in the toy store, watched Daddy's gum ball slide down the neato contraption, rode the merry-go-round (we never have money for that, so it was a nice change), and visited the doggies in the pet store. Baby Bear and I entertained passersby with her laughter. She was so jovial this evening that I had her cracking up with anything I tried.

She felt so much better today. She's been having some issues with digestion. Her little body wasn't quite prepared for so much solid food and it gave up trying to do anything with it for over a week! I was finally able to give her some prunes yesterday, and it's done the trick! Every diaper since the night before that has had poopies. And we're talking lots of poopies. Her poor little hiney is suffering, but I think we're almost done. She's definitely in a much better mood anyway. I never thought I'd be so proud to find poopies in a diaper before...

While they napped today, I read up and conversed with God about homeschooling, raising our kids, and His immediate plans for our family. I am so giddy with anticipation of what's to come and the decisions He has for us to get through.

I have no complaints about my life. Not. A. Single. One.

We played with some hats this morning

And Baby Bear hung out on the couch

Some sweet boys loving on Daddy

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  1. Love it.

    Are you planning on homeschooling?! I'm so excited about homeschooling Laura Anne we're already going through workbooks. But she tells me, "just be my mommy, okay? Don't be my teacher." Haha!