Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day of Miracles

The kids and I had another great day together.  Some great notable accomplishments were made.

I finally had time to try out the boys' new boxer shorts today.  Ever since we got them in the mail and washed them up, we've been out and about too much to work with them.  I love them - they are some of the cutest things the boys have worn in a long time.  I also have had high hopes for them because the boys do so well when nude or lightly and loosely clad down there.

So Bubby tells me he has to go peepee on the potty mid-morning, no big deal, they do that quite a lot.  But I went to check on him and help him along and he told me to go away to the living room, like they do when they need privacy for number 2.  So I backed off and observed him from a distance.  He did the entire bathroom visit entirely on his own!  This involves getting his bottoms off, prepping the potty, doing the deed, getting toilet paper and wiping, getting soap and washing and rinsing his hands, then turning off the water and light.  I usually help out with those last few things.  I was so proud of him for taking charge and getting it all done.  He did this the rest of the day and inspired his brother to follow suit.  He is getting very independent lately and it makes me melt inside.

Inspired by the boxer-cuteness and the Bubby-confidence, I decided we were gonna go crazy and make our BJs run like big boys with only boxers and shorts on.  I figured it was the perfect test scenario: BJs is moments from our house, it wasn't a crucial errand (if things went horribly wrong, the items I sought could wait until later), they have large aisles, few crowds, and child-shriek muffling acoustics if we got into an argument about it.

After a couple of in-depth discussions about what we'd do if we needed to go while in the van or the store, we headed out.  I lined their car seats with towels, pointed out the portable potty, and away we went!  We discussed our plans for peepees or poopies countless times on the ride and as we parked.  Soon after we got inside, Popo said he had to go.  So we sped across the store to the potty, all unloaded from the cart, and claimed the women's bathroom for our own.

The rest is history.  They did everything perfectly in there and had no issues the rest of the time in the store or the van.  I gave them a little treat when we got home.  I can't wait to try it again!  Daddy took them out to the mall tonight, but he was too chicken to go without some super-absorbant coverage.

I know this all may seem a little silly, but if you've never been a parent burnt out on potty training from at least a year of it on and off, you have no idea what a thrilling experiment this has been.  If you have, you are probably thinking that I have no idea what a breeze this was, and what true challenges I have ahead of me.  I'll deal and write in detail about them in due time, I'm sure.

Check out my three kiddos with some form of mohawk today (she woke up that way from her nap), and some other cute pics from our day...

Kinda sitting up today.  Almost.

She also tried out and enjoyed her play center for the first time today.  Took to it right away.

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