Thursday, August 6, 2009

Impending explosion

That's right, I think I might explode from the super-fun awesomeness of this day!

It started out with me just a bit irritable.  Or a lot.

But then Mom got here and we got to work.  We got so much cleaned and organized, it's ridiculous.  The kids were really well behaved and we were a whirlwind of cleaning action.  Baby Bear took two naps, with little or no complaints, and the boys took a three-hour nap!  I don't even care if it keeps them up late, it was so worth it.

When they woke up (Mom was gone by then), we packed up and headed out to Bed Bath N Beyond for some organization stuff.  The boys were so well behaved.  A store like that can be pretty risky, but they are such good boys.  As long as there's more to see, they don't mind being told what not to touch.

Then we had dinner at Five Guys.  And there were five weird guys at the table next to us!  It was funny though, I could feel eyes on us from the moment we walked in.  Lots of people were watching to see how we'd do, me and my three tots, all on our own.  And you could hear almost everyone in the restaurant catch their breath when Bubby dropped his little styrofoam water cup and splash all the water all over our table, chairs, and floor, the instant we picked a table.  After I cleaned up the furniture and moved us to another table, then let a worker know about the floor, Bubby then proceeded to drop his refilled cup on the floor.  I let the worker know and asked for a new cup - you see, this time he destroyed it with the crash.  The boys and I agreed I'd keep the cups on my side of the table and they'd let me know when they were thirsty.  Dinner was lovely, everyone shared ketchup with no complaints, Baby Bear gnawed on a teether, and the food was delish.  Then Popo took his final parting sip of water and, you guessed it, dropped his cup and contents all over the floor.

As we packed up, a grandma there with her two little ones in tow stopped by on her way out to ask how I do it with three.  I told her the truth.  "I pray.  I pray a lot."

Believe it or not, I was really pretty cool throughout the whole thing.  Got downright prideful about how laid back I felt.  I'm just so thankful that tonight was one of those times God chose to give me a extra heaping portion of patience and relaxation.

My boys are geniuses.  I may have mentioned that before.  You wouldn't believe their puzzle-solving skills.  We have some Spiderman, Cars, and animal puzzles, you know, jigsaw puzzles, not the wooden ones.  They have been flying through them since the second time I helped them.  Just had to let you know that.

They are very excited to go to get their hair cut tomorrow.  They saw me researching a cool place to go on the computer.  It has a slide and games and stuff in the waiting room.  Popo is generally not comfortable with the whole haircut experience, but he's thrilled to go now that he knows it's a new place with a slide!  I called them to ask if they were accustomed to doing the look I was going for and she said they do those all the time. I'm so very excited and relieved.  It's on Fleming Island, so we'll head out there tomorrow afternoon.

Looking forward to lunch out with my work peeps tomorrow too!  Hopefully the kids will be in good form.

Here's to the most productive week ever!


  1. This was one of my favorite ones yet! I loved the Five Guys stories. I know they're changing a lot, but it's kind of nice to know there are things that aren't changing.

  2. I bet you found Cookie Cutters! That's where we took Caleb! It's really cute.

  3. (if you were keeping count, it has taken my 16 attempts to send this message, then i had to go and pretty much make a new account just for this. It was worth it!)


    was I not invited to lunch again?

    I am such a loser...

    Awesome stuff with the Five Guys Water Cup Story.

    I would have blown up twice and made them eat peanuts if they were thirsty.

    Sometimes God can give us extra grace in order to glorify Him.