Tuesday, August 4, 2009

So much fun it hurts

(Slowly gonna get caught up on these pics since the computer was down.)

We had a super great day today.  Jen brought the boys over and we went nuts.  We went to the mall for Chick-fil-a lunch, then they ran around the kiddie play center there for a good while.  We came home and went swimming in the pool for a while, then watched The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything while I whipped up some easy comfort foods for dinner.  We ate various combinations of PBJ, macncheese, and hotdogs.  Then more crazy play time for four overtired boys, baths, and bed.  They left just before bed.  What an action-packed day!

Bubby was such a funny boy at the play center today.  There was a younger baby girl there, probably a year and a half.  She was toddling around, being very adventurous.  He decided to take her under his wing and keep her out of danger.  He didn't want to let her into the playhouse, up the stairs, or down the slide.  He was very gentle about trying to keep her away and sweetly explaining to her that she couldn't do those things.  He followed her everywhere and I had to keep telling him to let her do what she wanted.  Her mommy was very understanding and didn't mind it really.  He even was shielding her from some other kids trying to talk to her.  It was so very sweet, but I felt bad for the little girl.  She didn't seem too annoyed.  Just a little.  :)  Baby Bear is a very lucky little sister.

All our boys play very well together.  I love watching their little personalities interact.  They are all fine-tuning their social skills, and it's such an amazing process to watch.

Baby Bear was just perfect all day, that's all there is to say about her.  Oh, except that she woke up with some little red spots on her face this morning.  I thought it was little pimples, but when she's had those, they vanished within hours.  She went to bed tonight with the same spots.  They are only on her face, so I'm pretty sure it's not a new food allergy/reaction.  The only thing I can think of is tiny bug bites, but that's weird too.  I changed her sheets before bed (also because her diaper leaked during naptime today), so we'll see how she looks in the morning.

Our new power supply unit finally arrived via UPS this afternoon, yay!  I took advantage of an adult's presence to get it installed while the kids ate dinner, and I'm working on my perfectly-working computer now!  I am so thrilled that I got to diagnose the problem, research the replacement part, order it, and install it all by myself!  I consider myself fairly tech-savvy, but I've watched too many unexpected issues come up when it comes to specific computer problems to have expected it to go so smoothly.  It seems to be running a tad slow, so I'm going to have to look into that.  I wouldn't have expected a new power supply unit to affect the speed, but I'm definitely no expert.

Our building got power-washed today, and it looks spiffy new!  I also had him do our green mildewey patio, and it's practically glowing in the dark out there.

What a wonderful day of family fun and productivity.  I can't believe the amazing sense of accomplishment God's blessing my week with.  It's so helpful as I try not to count down every single second of this last week without my sweet man.

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