Monday, August 10, 2009

Party Peooooooopppppppllllle!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, he's home.  Big deal.

YAY, HE'S HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God tested the patience of each of us one last time today, and I'm not sure either one of us really did a great job, but we survived.

His flight from D.C. to Jax was supposed to leave at 12:07 pm.  It's such a long story, but after being delayed again every 20 minutes, he finally took off around 4:30 pm.  So I missed several extra hours of work, he sat in Dulles for longer than anyone ever wants to, and the boys kept being put off from going to the airport.  Thankfully he was able to keep me informed from the get-go, so I didn't take the kids to the airport four hours early.  Of course, with his flight 4 hours delayed, I was late to pick him up.  I had such a good plan for his 2:06 arrival, but it all fell apart when we tried to squeeze naps in between.  And that was a huge, frustrating mess.  One kid took a nap, but she takes three or four naps a day.

So the pickup didn't go as planned, but it was so great.

Then we went out to eat, and that didn't go as planned.  We spent almost the whole time with one of us walking around with Baby Bear outside or feeding her in the van.  But, hey, we were all there!  Oh, Baby Bear didn't react well when her daddy first tried to hold her either, but she's already getting better.

We are totally in shock that this day is finally here, and we're all going to sleep under the same roof again.  It's going to take some adjustment to get back to our family-normal, but as you can see, s'all good.

Now we have sooooooo much packing to do for our trip tomorrow.  We were supposed to do that together this afternoon, but, you know.  So we'll be pretty busy tomorrow morning!


  1. EVERYONE has such big grins. I so happy everyone is together again. Welcome back Brandon.

  2. LOL!

    Everytime Eddie saw a picture of Anna he said,


    And then he saw the boys and said,


    You guys look great together!