Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ups and Downs

Today was a day of many emotions.  Over and through all of them was joy, but what a menagerie!

My work day flew by today.  I spent most of the day very nervous, almost like it was my first day, because I'm stressed that I get my work done before my last hours tomorrow.  I'm making some neato databases for the team to use, and none of my coworkers are completely familiar with how to tweak them if changes need to be made, so I'm really pressed to make them just perfect.  It's a lot of fun, but scary.

The short feel to the day may have had something to do with oversleeping this morning.  Hehe.  Interesting how differently your morning starts when there are no children in the house.

When I left work today, I packed up my personal stuff and brought it home.  I don't want to have to deal with that tomorrow.  It's already such a big deal to leave on your last day, so why make it an awkward, fumbling experience with a big box of junk?  So that was bittersweet and surreal.  I felt sad to be closing this chapter on my life and to be preparing to say goodbye to my friends there (though I'll be bugging them with visits much too often).  But as more people asked me about what I was going to be doing and we discussed homeschooling and raising my kids God's way, I got so very excited.  It didn't help that I was skimming through the homeschooling supply catalog I got in the mail during my breaks either.  I was all a twitter fantasizing about watching my boys learn and grow with me every day.

It was all very surreal.

And when I picked up my kids from Grammy's, I was so joyous and lighthearted.  My kids usually do that to me these days.  They are pure light and refreshment and sugar.  Most of the time.

Then we had one of those nights where another adult would have made all the world of a difference.  We got home late, dinner did not cook well, the baby cried for her meal and from exhaustion, and the boys got rowdy.  Finally, someone knocked his full milk cup all over the table and floor and his brother.  That's where my down came in.  I got kinda loud about that one.  Then I was so frustrated with the culprit for not showing enough concern.  One of them gets very emotionally effected when he's scolded, the other, not so much...

Praise God, Baby Bear did go to bed a little early, which helped me sort of get a handle on things.  And finish my dinner.  Sheesh.

And last night she spent her first night away from me.  We both handled it very well.  Except for the oversleeping thing.

So I have to get a move on now to do a little work on those databases.  Hmm, or more homeschooling research...


  1. I can't wait to be the "other adult" in the house!

  2. Over sleeping when you are without the children, how exciting and very much needed I'm sure.