Friday, September 18, 2009

... That the LORD Has Made

If you remember, this is the same shot we took the last time we took Daddy to the airport for his big trip. He thought of the cool idea to always take this same shot so we can watch them change over the years (or months, if we don't make it through years of this).

Yes, he's outta here. We dropped Daddy off at the airport together early this evening. We weren't sure about taking the kids with us to the airport. We thought maybe they'd remember what happened the last time we left him there and freak out. But they were really cool. And so was I!

This week has been pretty surreal, preparing for his trip. It hasn't seemed real for either of us and I started wanting to hurry it up and get it over with. I didn't want to think about it and fret, but all the preparing left me no choice. So I was actually relieved when we finally loaded up in the van and headed out. It was a sweet drive together as a family.

As I write this at 9:15 pm, I am STARVING. Yeah, still no dinner yet. I've been dealing with one, two, or three kids' needs at a time since I got home. Baby Bear is in my lap now, grabbing everything off the desk, showing no signs of tiring at all. (Are CD's incredibly dangerous for her to taste, or just regular dangerous?) She must know he's gone.

I already tried to put her down to bed and she screamed her little head off for much too long. She's finally got a decent routine now, so I could tell that it wasn't her usual going-to-sleep cry, but something much more furious. (If you never receive your thank-you card for the boys' birthday, it's because she just knocked them in a crevasse, and chances aren't great I'll remember to get them out. Just know you're thanked!)

So I'm cutting this short now. Enjoy a visual tale of our evening.

Eating their favorite dinner of all: Chicken nuggets, cheese, bread, and apples

Baby Bear hanging out after her bath, in her sweet Baby Legs


  1. Dude!

    She looks gorgeous!!!

    Just as an afterhought, if you get rid of this little word tester thing to make sure I am human and not leaving spam on your blog I will take mine away. I don't want to waste 5 seconds of my life anymore.

    Today's word tester thing:


    I should start giving them meaning...

  2. For the next one, I'm so getting some of those baby legs!!!

  3. What a wonderful idea to take the same picture every time Brandon will be so nice to see the changes as EVERYONE gets older.