Sunday, September 27, 2009


Tonight we snacked on small pretzels and pretended they were faces - "pretzel men" - their idea.  So then we made them talk and sometimes they were happy and said sweet things - "Hi, Mommy!" - other times they were mad.  We decided they were mad because we were going to eat them.  They roared with laughter as I voiced the pretzel men's screams for help as they were devoured by each of us.  Sigh.  Oh, and sometimes they were animals, who made their own special sounds of terror and agony.

We had a lovely day today overall.  It was really a struggle to feel motivation to get up and get to church this morning, but God promised He'd bless if I obeyed, so up I got.  We actually made it to Sunday School on time, believe it or not!  The lesson and sermon were inspiring, and as often, right  in line with what He's been revealing to me from all sources throughout my days lately.

Lunch was great.  We had our leftover pizza pinwheels (another Apples of Gold recipe) from last night's dinner.  The tooth-wielding members of the family really like it.

They took a nap today (eventually) so I got a lot done around the house.  I love being caught up most of the time lately!  I'm not used to it, but I'm getting there!

All I remember after nap is that we had an early dinner and goofed off.  And I got more stuff done.

The boys were pretty sweet and happy today, and I was fairly energetic, so we all got along really well.  Baby Bear missed her morning nap because of church, so she was a little off, but it was manageable.  I'll manage for her sweet highness.

We've had dinner early the last two nights and I've loved it.  Really loved it.  Last night I think we ate before 5, and tonight it was around 5:30.  That way there's no pressure to hurry up eating, the boys have enough energy to eat well, and we have plenty of time to play afterwards.  Then we just have a small snack a little later.  It really takes the pressure out of evenings, and I'm going to do my best to continue the practice.

I'm getting close to nailing down my "ideal" daily schedule.  On paper, that is.  I'm suddenly super excited again about getting to own my days with the kids soon.  This is my last week of work, YAY!

To catch up, yesterday was pretty cool too.  I did not think so for the first half.  It took until 1 pm to get us out of the house.  The boys and I were ready hours earlier, but Baby Bear took a nice long nap.  I felt so bad for the boys because I didn't let them go outside and play because I was anticipating her awakening at any minute for so very long.  Then we went to their favorite store in the world, especially Popo's, Target.  Then headed to Publix for a handful of things we needed.  The boys were so good, even though it was well into their usual nap time.  I had been promising we'd go to the park the whole time, so of course it rained as we left the store.  Instead, when it stopped raining, they requested to go out on the patio and use their sidewalk chalk.  So while Baby Bear napped again, we played out there.  I got to weed the giant dinosaur-food-weed that grows back there (I just finally found it online, called "air potato" - nasty bugger) from all over the back fence and plants.  They had a ball coloring over each other's markings on the ground and giggling like madmen.  We skipped their nap altogether, and that actually wasn't a problem for, I think, the first time ever.

So that was yesterday.

Oh, and on Thursday evening we got to have a lovely dinner with Brandon's grandparents as they passed through town.  My pictures didn't come out great because my camera battery was dying and when it's in its final throes, it doesn't behave well.

I purposely left this one uncropped - I had accidentally shifted the camera before I took the photo.  I thought it would be funny to show as is.  And look how sweet their faces are!

Okay, I think I'm all caught up on the major action of the last few days.  Here are some random pictures to make up for my delinquency...

Princess Baby Bear on her throne

Popo imitating his daddy

Pillow fight with cousin Joshua on our play day last week

Two sweet brothers at nap time today

Baby Bear rolling around on my bed today as I cleaned up my room

Baby Bear feeling very impatient with my delay in serving her immediate need to be somewhere else

You think this picture is sad?  You should see the ones I'm not showing you from five minutes later because they break my heart to look at them.  She's so very dramatic and pitiful sometimes.  I love her so.


  1. Pictures, ya! I love Princess Anna and her sad would tug at my heart too. Miss everyone much.

  2. Babies are cutest when they are crying.

    Am I right or weird?