Friday, September 25, 2009

Remember when...

I said I was going to get some rest last night?  Yeah, no.

I had a rough night with the wee barne last night and she finally went down to stay at midnight.  Yes, my 7-month-old decided it'd be fun to play until midnight.  She screamed in her bed for over half an hour, then tried to play in my arms as I tried to rock her for another half hour, followed by more screaming in my arms for half an hour.  I gave in and tried to nurse her - she wouldn't have any of it!  So she rolled around on my bed and played while I read for about an hour until she finally had enough.

I got lots of super cute pictures of her on my phone while she played though.  Can't upload it to the computer right now, sorry.

We had a lovely day again today.  After we played a little this morning, we met April and Emily at Five Guys for lunch.  The boys had a great time goofing off and eating hot dogs and fries.  Then I took them to Grammy's and went to work for half a day, to try to get things finalized before I ditch them for good next week.  It was actually a very productive Friday afternoon at work, believe it or not.

So, you can forget about any more information than that tonight.  I am wiped out (seems to be the general theme when Brandon's gone) and not fully convinced she's down for the night tonight.  She gave it her all to protest her bed for a good 45 minutes.  All's quiet now, but that doesn't necessarily settle the issue.

So once again, I leave you with a promise to share more pictures and stuff later.  I know I don't always follow through, but that's me.  I have many limits to my capacities.  Since you are here reading my blog, you either love me despite that, or I don't know you and don't care.  Teehee.

I love you too.


  1. That's it, I'm not reading your blog any more until I get some pictures!

  2. Who's blog is this?? I thought I was reading my friends from Brazil.

  3. I'll still read it, Alana. I'm loyal. :D I do love the pictures though!

  4. I need pictures, I haven't seen those presious babies in so long.