Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Day in the Life

Okay, this is going to be one of those detailed posts about our day. It was a great stay-at-home day and I was very aware of how we spent our time. In anticipation of homeschooling in two weeks, I am working on getting structure back into our lives, so I'm trying to keep track of the general times we do things around here and how long they take. It used to be so great to have a good (but slightly flexible) schedule when the boys were babes (that was the only way to go with twins), but things have been so crazy since Baby Bear has blessed our lives. Here's a breakdown of today:

Today was absolutely gorgeous. It was one of those days to enjoy freedom from being intimidated by the sweltering heat or the bite of winter - one of the 12 days a year that we get here.

I finally got to take a shower before everyone else totally woke up, so we got to hit the ground running. The day goes very differently when I have to squeeze in a shower while they're up or skip it altogether.

After breakfast, Baby Bear went down for her nap and the boys and I headed outside with their big wheels. It was so nice out! Definitely warm, but not oppressive at all, with an occasional breeze. They had a grand old time scooting their bikes up and down the parking lot and running up and down the sidewalk. We took pictures and video. I showed them their first rolly-polly, and we had a great time driving it nuts.

Preparing to pose for a sweet picture for me. This was totally their idea.

This is the resulting photo:

(Yes, Popo's hand is often found in that location. Still adjusting to his boxers, I think.)

"C'mon, Mommy!"

This is Popo, coyly going too far, then his exuberant run back to safety - you MUST click on some of these next few of each of them to see zoomed in - their faces are so cute.

Bubby decided to play copycat

The minute we walked in the door to come in for snack, they were recounting all the fun things we did outside. "Well, that was a lot of fun..." says Popo, with a super cute, finalizing shrug.

There was lots of puzzle time today. I love love love that they love their puzzles. And they are so helpful to each other sometimes. One of them will walk up to the other one, mid-puzzle, and help him with a piece he's not sure about. I love to hear "OH, that's where that goes, thanks Popo!" Puzzles are the best practice they have with putting things away when they are done with them, so they are getting better at that too.

All three of my kids doing something or other with a puzzle piece

Baby Bear rolled around and explored the living room for most of the day all on her own. Her sense of adventure makes me proud. I love that she's not content to sit and watch the world go by, though she does love to watch her crazy brothers sometimes. I know the day will come where I wish she'd sit still, but that's where her brothers will show up to reign her in for me. Right?

For dinner, I made mac'n'cheese with hot dogs. Super secret mac'n'cheese! I added pureed carrots to the finished Kraft product. It was super delicious, and the boys ate it up. We did the same thing last night at Apples of Gold with the Velveeta kind (it was Loving Your Children week so the menu was kid-themed), and it was similarly scrumptious. I'm so excited that they got a serving of veggies today! That doesn't happen often.

Oh, no! There were some great statements they made these last couple of days that I carefully burned into my memory to share... I've lost them... That breaks my heart. At least I'm getting some of it down on this blog.

Baby Bear has upgraded out of her baby bathtub into the sink itself. This was her waving at me, her first time a couple of nights ago:


  1. One of my favorite posts ever! Awesome pictures, expecially Isaac looking back when he went too far. And you and him together. And the boys together. Well, all of them.

  2. You know what Laura Anne said? "He's walking in the road. He shouldn't do that Mommy."


  3. I agree with Brandon, one of my favorite blogs. Keep them coming.