Thursday, June 25, 2009

So Far Away

We are short one member of the family for a little while. Daddy flew away overseas for 7 whole weeks this Tuesday! We are anxious to see how God gets us through it, but confident that He will. His faithfulness is just too consistent!

This is my family together for the last time for a while, when we dropped him off at the airport. It was hard because the boys were eyeing me to gauge my emotion, so I had to grin and bear it for them.

My wonderful husband and our wonderful families threw me an early surprise 30th (eek!) birthday party this weekend, since he won't be here for the big day (sigh). It was lots of fun, except I was falling over exhausted. It was so sweet of all the dads there to share their big day with me.

My kids continue to be the most shocking and amazing ever. Today was a little rough. We all had cabin fever and the boys fought alot. So they yelled at each other, then I yelled at both of them, then we started all over again. Just when we got ready to go play in the sprinkler, it started pouring! Tomorrow we're gonna make sure we get out and about. It's just so hard when it's so dang hot.

Some pictures from recent weeks:


  1. I love the pictures to death. What did you use to put the haze in Anna's picture? It's cool beans!

    So, you just let me know when you want us to come over! I can't travel during the day because our car is in the shop, but we can all bring dinner over some night. Just let me know!!!!

    Love you!