Monday, March 1, 2010

Big Day!

The boys have been progressively getting more independent in dressing themselves. And today was the big day! They managed to completely get whole outfits on all by themselves! This is just a note to ourselves to remember this day. For the longest time we have let every milestone go unmarked, so I wanted to hop on and make this one official.



  1. Why does this make me kind of sad? I'm proud of them, though! Such big boys.

  2. Woo Hooo!! Hurray for the big boys!! Next comes the part where they pick out their own clothes (The ones you choose for them and let them pick between.) Next thing you know they will be wearing something completely different and you are faced with the decision - do I let them look like a ragamuffin with a very proud face of what they put together or make them change...Ragamuffin always wins with me. :-) Thanks for documenting their milestone!!

  3. Now, if they could only keep them on. Eddie has been putting pants on his head lately.