Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stinky Alligator

The boys and I started a new game a couple days ago when they were stalling for bedtime and I had a rare bout of evening patience and played along. We take turns calling each other something stinky. They crack up after each one, sometimes genuinely and sometimes with this painfully forced cackle.

Some excerpts from tonight's ride home from dinner...

"You are a stinky... SNAKE!"

"You are a stinky... DOOR!"

"You are a stinky... SIGN!"

"You are a stinky... CAR!"

"You are a stinky... GATE!"

"You are a stinky... LEAF!"

When we'd pass a gas station: "You are a stinky... GAS! HAHAHAHAHA!"

Then things got a little risqué: "You are a stinky... BUTT!"

"You are a stinky... BUTT TRAIN!" (Heh?)

"You are a stinky... BUTT BUTT BUTT!"

"That's enough with the butts, we don't say butts."

And finally: "You are a stinky... LOTS OF THINGS! HAHAHAHA!"


  1. I miss that stuff. They're so funny.

  2. what is it about saying "but" that has kids in stitches?! :)

  3. Eddie is all about 'boo-tay-h'. That's right, there is an h at the end.

    Its cute. Then I beat him...

    Jus kiddin.