Monday, March 15, 2010

RAW(e) Distraction

I've been wanting to join in the RAW(e) photo challenge fun on Sami's blog for a couple weeks, but never got around to working on it in time.

This week, the theme is distraction. Since when I read the theme I was up waaaaay too late for my own good and the good of my kids and my devotion time, with the desk covered in most of my selfish distractions, it was the perfect time! I couldn't wait all day today until the post was up to link to.

My distractions are many, but the main ones are the computer, planning the kids' homeschool (way overplanning, they are in preschool, for pete's sake!) because it's so fun, and crafting. I let these things override far too much of my time that should be devoted to time with God, or providing more attention and structure for the boys.


  1. wow. I really think God is trying to speak to us. RIGHT? yikes. Nice shot.