Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I've been posting a lot just about Baby Bear. I am working on some posts dedicated to my crazy sweet prince boys too.

Baby Bear's 12-month well visit at the doctor didn't go as planned. Since she still had a runny nose and isn't sleeping well because of a cold this week, they had to check her ears to make sure they weren't infected. If they are, she can't have her immunizations as scheduled. Um, she didn't have her immunizations. She has horrible ear infections that even grossed out the doctor. So she's on an antibiotic, with two more appointments scheduled. I feel so horrible for her! Except for not sleeping well, she hasn't shown signs of suffering in that way. All our kids have been that way, sneakily hiding the disgustingness festering in their ears.

She is also still a little-bit. She is 29 1/8 inches long (52nd percentile) and weighs 17 lbs 6 oz (10th percentile). That's actually up from <10% last time, so they were pleased. And since she had a nice little pot belly showing, they think she'll be just fine. Especially now that she'll be taking whole milk.

I've been weaning her fairly quickly for the last two weeks. She only nurses first thing in the morning, which will end after tomorrow. Brandon and I are hoping to go away for two days tomorrow night, so she'll be on her own from here on out. I'm pretty sad about it, but have no doubts that it's time. I'm just a mess picturing that last time tomorrow, and when she's done she's done. Sigh.

Still no signs of walking. She does now take some steps when you hold her hands out and walk behind her, so she's figuring out that she's capable of that movement. Until now, it's been funny watching her practically ignore her legs like they were dead weight. She also just recently started crawling "normally", and is doing a little less of her famous army crawl.

Here's our weather panda that we started using this week. First thing in the morning, we open the front door and check the weather. Then we head to our calendar and update it, followed by dressing our weather panda. It's good fun. Not a lot of variety in his wardrobe lately - it's just been cold and sunny for the most part - but fun, just the same.

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