Friday, March 12, 2010

Anna's Special Quilt

My sister and I both have special quilts made by our Great-Nana B. Mine is been partially demolished by the family cat, but is still something special to me.

The boys each have their own that my Nana made them a couple years ago. They are very sweet - covered with embroidered and colored images of sweet little boys and girls. I think there's a name for what type they are, but I'm drawing a blank. And they are tucked away in bed with the boys for the night, so I'll have to post a picture later. The center block on each has a really pretty stitched monogram.

The boys haven't been using them for more than a year, because I just wasn't ready for them to wrestle with them like they did with the rest of their bedding. But we busted them out in the last few months, and the boys love them a lot. They are their top blankets every night.

Well, Anna received hers in the mail this week. I love it! It's sweet shades of purple, with lots of adorable Precious Moments images nicely painted on. I let her check it out when the package arrived, hoping I'd get a great pose of her on it. Pshh! That girl doesn't stop for a second, unless it's in my lap. So this is the best I was able to get. She really does seem to like it a lot, and it's laying on the spare bed in her room. I can't wait for her to cherish it as her pretty keepsake from her Great-Nana!

Thank you Nana! We love you and are so thankful for your craftiness and love!


  1. They're still great pictures. :)

  2. I love it. I'm going to have to start quilting to continue the family tradition of a quilt for the little ones.