Monday, March 15, 2010

Look what came in the mail today!

Nana sent a surprise follow-up to Anna's quilt! It's a very adorable little pillow, and Anna really seems to love it. Thank you again, Nana!!

Why does her head look so huge?
Maybe because I put her in a dress two sizes too small because I'm not ready to let it go...

I also recently finally ordered these cool thingamajigs to hang our plate collection with. The shockingly blunt yellow walls in the kitchen are begging for some balance. Excited about these!


  1. She looks VERY excited about them!

  2. Nana told me to tell you about the pillow. Cool thing, I'm glad Anna liked it.

  3. She is very cute and so excited to have the pillow!

  4. HAHAHAH!!!

    I thought, "Man, Anna's head looks huge in this picture...Hmm...Should I be a jerk and point it out?"

    (read on)

    "Oh, Alana was jerky enough to say it herself!"

    HAHAHAHAHA! Still cute, though. (I had to cover up a little of my own jerkiness with a compliment. You know how it goes.)