Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 6

Okay, our A/C unit seems to be kaput. We spent the night with no A/C, it worked during the day (while we were gone), and now it's dead again. It's 10:30 pm, and it's 83 degrees in my house. In the cool part. The repair man is coming sometime tomorrow.

And the bug guy is coming Thursday. My pillow was attacked last night (before I got into bed, thankfully) by a huge pincher beetle that had used his time machine to travel here from the dinosaur ages. That's the only thing that explains its size and appearance, as well as how the heck a two-inch monster got into my closed-up house. I couldn't kill it with a shoe! It got flushed down the toilet.

I got my new glasses today! I think I like them and I think they'll be more durable for a momma. The boys say they like them, but they are well trained mini-men that know when they are supposed to say something's pretty. Here's a tiny picture with the webcam. I don't have the energy to get the camera and load the picture up.

She sure knows how to work it for the camera. Any size/shape camera, and she knows how to bust out the smiles. As soon as I turned this on, she was gazing at herself on the screen in awe. Me too. At her, not myself. :)

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