Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 3/4 for Daddy

Hi Daddy! We had a really great day today at Nana's house. You would have loved it. Aunt Nene, Uncle Joe, Dennis, Douglas, and Katelyn all visited for the day.
We had a good breakfast and lunch, and ate most of it up.

Then we begged for our nap. Everyone thought it was so cute that we were tired enough to ask for it, but eventually they realized we were asking for our nap so we could then go in the pool. They told us after our nap that's what we'd do! So after a few minutes in bed, we came running out of the room together, joyously proclaiming that we'd woken up and nap was all done. Mommy had a hard time convincing us we needed more rest, but we obeyed eventually.
Then we woke up and went in the pool for a little bit. It was lots of fun. Then we ran around and played in the house all afternoon and evening with lots of cousins. Nana gave us a bath, and since there were no clean pjs there, we wore some awesome Sears robot shirts that are made for even bigger boys than us! We are in bed now, loving these shirts to death. We can't wait for church tomorrow.

We love you and miss you very very much! Oh, Baby Bear's been really cute lately too.

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