Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Leaps and Bounds!

Okay, so it's just a stair. It's an extra big deal around here. I was taken totally off guard, and the boys are so tickled to see their baby sister doing something neat and new.

I was upstairs with the boys last night, getting the bath for the three of them ready. As I came around the landing, my heart leaped with joy and fear. I couldn't resist getting a shot or two, so Popo came and protected her while I snapped away. We discussed that the gate would have to go back up. I guess I'll just have to teach them how to open it.

Popo's strange expression is a new look he's trying out for photos. He got it from his brother. It's actually a cute squinty-face, but he was tired of holding it for shots, and this is what it eroded into.

(And okay, yes, her diaper is full and hanging off, and Bubby's pants are almost off. Preparing bath, remember?)

Some more practice today...


  1. Peter's face is even funnier after your explanation. He's so silly. Anna looks so big standing up. Of course she waits until 4 days after I leave. I wonder what else she'll start doing while I'm gone?

  2. I wondered when you would have to put it back for Anna. Look out now...here she goes.

  3. I can't believe Anna is already big enough to be climbing stairs!! What fun pictures! I can't imagine what Brandon could have bought you for Christmas that you would enjoy more than that camera!! Glad we can enjoy it, too! :D

  4. i can see you in the first pic.

    anna is so pretty.