Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye, 2009!

Farewell 2009! Thank you, Lord, for making this such an amazing year. You've provided so much strength and love to find our way through the amazing path you've laid out for us. Thank you for all the wonderful people we met this year. Thank you for all the beautiful loved ones we got to spend time with or we missed this year. We are so blessed and wouldn't have wanted anything this year to have been different.

I have always loved New Year's. I remember when I was told as a kid to go to bed because kids didn't get New Year's, it was only something grown ups really comprehended and enjoyed. I didn't get that - I was so excited to be passing into a new year and making a point to make it special!

The kids and I got some Bagel Bites and mozzarella sticks and made a movie night out of it. I had planned on watching Up, but their votes were for Thomas and the Magic Railroad. Horrible, horrible, horrible movie. They, of course, loved it and requested we watch it again immediately. Didn't happen.

Brandon and I got to Skype for a bit just now, as he woke up on the first day of the new year and I prepare to watch the festivities here. I am looking forward to spending this holiday with him next year.

So, I say goodbye to an awesome year as I sit here and listen to music I have no means of describing radiating through the wall from our neighbors', and pray it doesn't wake the baby. I'm trying to be cool about it because this never happens - they are pretty good neighbors - but a "single mom" doesn't have a lot of patience to work with when it comes to baby sleep issues.

Peace out, 2009! Rock on, 2010!


  1. I LOVED getting to see you first thing this morning. It made my day.

  2. Thanks for being an awesome testimony to the Lord for me.

    Your witness at work and these blogs have really been a blessing to me spiritually.