Sunday, December 6, 2009


Today was a sweet, homey day. After church, lunch, and nap, we hung out at home and it was nice and cozy. We made some fall and winter trees (which did wear my patience thin - we're so working on the glue concept), followed by at least an hour of Play-Doh time. I actually got to make a real dinner, even though I didn't think I was up for it. Then we played, snuggled, and watched TV into the night. Sigh.

My poor husband barely got fed any real meals at our house the whole month he was home. We were either on the go, tired, or surprised to find we were missing an ingredient or two. Sorry, babe. The tomato soup chicken tonight was really good, and we thought of you. The boys actually voluntarily tried a bite, knowing that's the routine now. Since that's going so well, I think I might bump up the amount they are "forced" to eat. They never seem to mind the food, it's just a psychological thing. Hopefully I can wean them off of it. (Right.)

So, Play-Doh seems to be our hit toy/activity for now. They can sit there, next to each other, and create away. They make up stories of what they've made, where that creature or person is going, and what untimely death it inevitably meets. They swap cookie cutters and knives and have their creations battle wars. I was totally in awe at the power of the Play-Doh today. May it reign for a long time.

Bubby, as he cut out a cookie cutter heart shape: "Mommy, I'm making a heart, see? To make all the people happy!"

Oh wow, I totally forgot about yesterday. That was also a sweet hangout day. At one point I decided to let the kids have at tearing up a magazine that we have grown to hate and are cancelling our free subscription of. Bubby kept eying me to make sure it was for real and I wasn't about to freak out at them. And proper Popo took a little while to get into it. But get into it they did, and it was a blast. I love how at this age, it's just as fun to help clean up as it is to make the mess.

Enjoying a snack together. Sitting on the stairs together is their new favorite thing.

In the evening I loaded up a YouTube playlist of all the Swedish Chef clips and listened to them cackle away. Baby Bear was amused by their amusement for a little bit, then kept exploring.

She had a rough night. I put her to bed slightly early because she was so exhausted. She changed her mind an hour or so later, just as I thought about bragging on Facebook about my early bedtime. I tried a few times to put her back to bed, only to rescue her from drowning in the snot and tears a few minutes later. So she snacked and played on my bed until almost 11. It was a really sweet time though.


  1. I love the second picture with Anna's tiny little head in the background!! Your fall/winter tree project looks great!! :D

  2. Oh sure, as soon as I leave you make a real dinner. And you never let me rip up magazines. Glad everyone had fun though.

  3. You never answered me about what camera you got!!

  4. got questions/comments

    how to get a baby to have regular (as close as can be expected with a baby) sleep pattern


    where can i find some sweet Bruce Lee PJs like the boys!