Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas at Home

Some images and moments from our Christmas festivities here at home...

Our very first gingerbread house. I had no idea what I was doing and read the directions twice. We had a lot of fun with it though. Each boy got a side of the roof to decorate and a bowl full of candies to use. This was Bubby's side, and you can Popo's below (the full shot of his side turned out fuzzy).

I had to double-up the cards because Baby Bear was taking it upon herself to admire the lower ones in the best way she knows how... with her mouth.

This is the cool little fiber optic tree I bought to send to you, my sweet husband, to enjoy for Christmas. I obviously didn't quite follow through on that one. The kids and I are enjoying it a lot though, and I'm excited to make it a part of our yearly decorations.

Some candy pretzel treats I made to share with loved ones. I only managed to package a few up for our neighbors. Looks like the rest are a treat for myself. Yum.

Sweet ornaments that their Sunday School teachers made for them.

The tree and presents as arranged before I went to bed on Christmas Eve. Their stockings were just about stuffed to capacity.

Their pile of gifts to open while sleepy Daddy looked on via Skype.

Chatting with Daddy.

Christmas breakfast: waffles and apples, with Christmas sprinkles.

Baby Bear, gearing up to have at her new toy. Basically her only present she got from us. I'm still working on three, yes, three crochet projects for her.

On our calendar for this month, we used some cute date cards I found online. Each day was an empty manger until Baby Jesus's big day! The boys had a great time counting how many more days until Christmas for the last week or so.

Don't worry loved ones, I'm doing another post about our celebrations at your houses.


  1. I was hoping they'd get ornaments like that. And Anna is so beautiful.

  2. No fair, you should have warned me! The picture of Brandon made me cry!
    You will treasure those ornaments forever! Trust me!
    I really enjoyed this post. :D

  3. hehehe...

    The pic makes Brandon look like he has a massive unibrow. Almost as bad as mine!