Friday, December 4, 2009

And We're Off!

Okay, so today was the day. Daddy left us for 45 more days. We are both relieved this day is finally over. It's been an emotional, exhausting two weeks he's been home with us from work. Don't get me wrong, it's been wonderful. We've just been hitting that to-do list pretty hard, and you just get tired of trying not to think ahead to that big day.

I'm planning on diving in with the Christmas stuff big time with the boys pretty soon. The house is all decorated already, and we've been listening to Christmas music. That was all part of maximizing on Daddy's time here. But we have big plans to make a gingerbread house and some treats for our friends, and making our own decorations and stuff. Can't wait.

First, I thought I'd work in some "study" on seasons. I figure it's a good time, since things are finally really starting to change around here, and I can squeeze it in before the big Christmas stuff. I got a ton of cute books on seasons at the library and have found some neato projects to do with them to help them get the differences.

So as far as that stuff goes - my days home with the boys - I'm looking forward to getting back to "normal". (It's funny, I said that today and Brandon and I realized how weird it is that at this point, "normal" means when he's not here. You know, since he hasn't been home as long has he's been away in a while.)

And I'm pretty psyched about where the boys are right now. They seem to have come out of a little season of observation, in which they just sponge up everything going on around them, without as many new skills demonstrated. I knew throughout that time that that was what they were doing, and I was fine with that. But I'm so excited that they are in a mode of trying new things again. So I've stepped up my conversations with them. When they ask questions, I explain things a little more deeply than before. And I am challenging them with more interesting questions. It's so stinking fun!

Speaking of new skills, I was so floored by one we discovered today. The boys helped me make some pictures and stuff for Daddy to open on his trip. As always, I spelled their names out loud as I wrote them on their papers. Out of nowhere, Bubby was spelling ahead of me. I let him go with it and he did his whole name by himself. I jumped and shouted in glee, and he was so proud! Then, of course, Popo wanted to try. He didn't remember as smoothly, but he caught on as we kept going. So I drove them crazy having them help me spell their names on everything in sight all afternoon. We had so much fun!

Hard at work on our projects today

Some sweet memories Brandon and I wanted to be sure to remember from their time today playing with Play-Doh:
Popo made an L with his and was asking what L was for. Another mini lesson in phonemics (letter sounds) and lions followed. We are doing lots of those mini lessons these days. ("L says 'luh'. Luh, Lion")
Then Bubby took his white Doh and wadded it up in a ball, then made a lump on top. "I made God, Mommy." "You made God?" "Yeah. Riding in a teacup. Whee!" as he rolled it around the table.
Play-Doh action shots

Baby Bear got some super cute new hairclips in the mail today and she and I are both very excited about them! Can't you tell?

Getting ready to see Daddy off

Getting ready for bed tonight in our new bear pj's that Daddy hasn't seen us in yet. We also love these, obviously.


  1. I enjoyed reading this so much, I think I'll go back and read it again. :) LOVE Anna's little hair clip!! Adorable. I love hearing about your craft/study time with the boys. It's so exciting to see them learn! Little sponges! :)

  2. Sorry to see Brandon go. You grew alot this last time he was away handling the children by yourself. Praying the days will just fly by. Love Anna's new hair clips too.

  3. Dude, the kids are always adorable!!!

    B-U-B-B-Y. Good job bubby! All by yourself.

    P-O-P-U. Maybe next time Popo.


    apologize for rikhumor.