Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sweetest Birthday

Today is the day our little princess angel baby doll girlie girl turned one whole year old. It has been a difficult, limit-testing, cuddly, pink year. We are so thankful for our sweet girl and our two awesome little boys.

We had the most fun at her Valentine's Day birthday party. It was one of my favoritest-est parties ever. All the kids had a blast and played so well together (yeah, all 8 kids under 8), the food was dee-lish (we managed to make this Pioneer Woman basic drip beef recipe, and it was amazing), and we got to enjoy most of our favorite people (yeah, all 14 adults, not including us). Baby Bear had a great time - once she got used to all the craziness - and got some awesome toys and adorable outfits.

God is way too good to us, and we are humbled by the bountiful blessings He doesn't stop pouring out on us at all times. We love all you peeps we are blessed to know and be known by.

Aunt Brianna did an awesome job as photographer for most of the event. Thank you! It was very difficult to narrow down all the photos to post here, but I've pulled it off. You're welcome. :)

Decorations - The boys helped me make this garland, and I love it so much that I am considering leaving it up all year.

After we ate lots of yummy food, it was time to open presents! The boys helped with a lot of them.

Hugging her new cuddly unicorn that cousin Laura Anne picked out just for her.

You know she knows which camera is mommy's!

The best party entertainment ever (for kids and adults alike!). They went to town with all the wrapping and tissue paper - for over half an hour, I'd say. It was so awesome.

Adorable birthday girl having a blast.

The bottle... yeah, we weaned her just shy of her birthday. I just love it when she'll hold her bottle for me. It's the cutest thing ever, especially to me since her brothers never once held their bottles. Never!

The boogers... yeah, we couldn't keep up with them as fast as the pictures were snapping.

And then it was cake time! She didn't take to it right away, but slowly worked her way through quite a bit of icing.

Popo helped us assemble her cool new toys while she napped. When she woke up, she was pleasantly surprised. She loves all her new things and is having tons of fun figuring them out.


  1. It was a fabulous birthday party!! What a little sweetie girl!

  2. Your family has the craziest blue eyes ever.

    The sink pic was the cutest!