Thursday, January 14, 2010

Enough is Too Much

Balance is impossible. This is my lesson of the week. Actually it's my lesson every week. I know this fact, but it's amazing how it is drilled into my life so constantly.

The kids and I have been getting pretty lonely around here lately. With the crazy cold here for the last two weeks, our only options have been to stay home, go shopping, or go out to eat. And each of those things gets old. Really old. Plus, it would help to have some distractions as we count down these slow, final days of Brandon's trip.

So I was looking forward to a little action this week. On Tuesday we went to church for Mom-to-Mom, which was lovely. And yesterday I worked while the kids hung out at Grammy's, then we went to church.

I originally typed out most of the gruesome details of what made yesterday a frustrating, utterly exhausting day. But I've deleted it to spare you. The point is that it was a seriously stretching experience. I'm actually thankful for it, and was slightly aware of that during the suffering, because it's the only way I grow. I actually saw a speck of extra patience in my dealings with the kids when we got home late, hungry, and pooped last night.

After all the craziness we could cram into two days, I was ecstatic about a day to hang out at home with the kids today. I've come full circle! I was dying to get out of here just 48 hours before the madness broke me down. I'll never be satisfied.

But that's really the point, isn't it? Life on this earth will never be just right. It's a world of extremes and frustrations. Thank you, Jesus, that this is all just a shadow!! I actually wasn't planning on there being a moral of my story, but there you go.


  1. I'm sorry you had a stinky day. Soon, very soon, I'll be home and everything will be perfect. Well maybe not, but at least I'll be there for you to take your frustrations out on. I'll be your punching bag.

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  3. It makes me sad when I read you are lonely. Please know you can drop by anytime. We want to be here for you to help you through the rough times when Brandon is away. It makes us happy. We want to help YOU, of course, but we also want Brandon to be comforted knowing we're trying to help take care of his little family. :)

  4. Let me give you some advice.

    Whenever you are feeling bad, just go visit awkwardfamilyphotos and thank God your family isn't on that website...yet.


    I guess you could also read your bible for comfort.


    I will be praying for you today. ;)


  5. thanks for your comments. You have twins? I am a twin. Such fun!

  6. Can Daizzee and I be a tentative for Anna's birthday party?

    Just in case...

    I am lame huh?


    is that a yes?

    This was sent before the RSVP date (whenever that was).